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About Kelsey

Kelsey Mae Misialek...

"Kelsey had an awesome sense of humor. After I got to know her, I was a little bit surprised at how hilarious she was; her clever comments combined with a little bit of sarcasm made her really fun to be around. In spending time with Kelsey at speech meets and on FCCLA trips, I was able to see firsthand how her humor intermingled with her good sense and wisdom beyond her years. She knew how to interject some laughter into just about any situation, and it was always a delight to spend time with her."


"Kelsey was a strong young lady who wasn't afraid to take initiative to make things happen. I was impressed by the joy and confidence with which she approached new experiences in life. Kelsey's spunk, quick sense of humor, and level-headedness made her a true joy to have around."


"I had the privilege of coaching Kelsey in Peewee Basketball in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. Her determination during practices was admirable for the other players. She would try each move or layup over and over until she would do it the correct way. Kelsey would not give up or give in to anything. She never took the easy way out whether it was basketball or her academics. Her drive for success was the same in Algebra I her freshman year. Kelsey would take many, many notes during class, and she was always asking questions and coming in for extra help if she needed it.

Kelsey did whatever was necessary to accomplish anything she needed to do no matter the task or how significant it was. Absolutely nothing would stand in her way if she wanted to get something done. One of her most impressive attributes was her willingness to help others. Once she figured out how to accomplish a task or a difficult Algebra problem, Kelsey would eagerly help someone else out. True to form, she is continuing to help many to this day with her gift of life. Though she was only here for a short time, she has set a wonderful example for all to follow."

-Jonathan Berg

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